Wet Shaving Tips

Tip#1: While most people will reuse their blades three to five times, you may want to change the blade out after every shave if you have coarse hair or sensitive skin. Blades can cost as little as 40 cents, so you don’t have to pay much to avoid irritation.

Tip #2: If you are just starting out or the needs of your skin and beard change with each shave, consider buying a sampler pack. They will give you enough variety to compare blades directly.

Tip #3: If you have small children, it’s a wise investment to use a razor disposal container for your blades rather than throwing them into the garbage where little fingers could get cut. There are many on the market that hold about six months worth of blades before I have to buy another one. It’s not the most attractive thing, but it does the job.

Tip #4: It’s important to remember that a blade is only as good as the razor it’s on. You want to invest in a quality handle that works well for your skin and hair type but also your experience.